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What can we do to serve you? This is our approach to multi-family living and our work environment. Dreyfuss has built its reputation on integrity of business, ethical behavior and providing a climate for creative thinking. We pursue unmatched service when enhancing a resident’s lifestyle and when meeting the needs of individuals and families searching for an apartment home.


At Dreyfuss, we emphasize relationship-building and we empower our staff to be strategic thinkers. We promote an atmosphere of queries, active-listening and mutual respect when assisting our internal and external customers. We have the skill and resources to know the market, understand customers, competitors and new technology. We have the ability to adapt when there are industry changes which impact any or all of those characteristics. A primary Dreyfuss goal is to achieve a higher level of social intelligence which translates to better communication within and outside our organization.


We continuously seek improvement, efficiency and innovation. Our successes are the result of involving team members in problem-solving, sharing ideas and collaborating on strategy. This fundamental organizational culture is a source of competitive advantage and sustainability.

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Dreyfuss Management is an equal opportunity employer and is always in search of qualified individuals to fill available positions in our industry. We believe in promoting from within and provide numerous opportunities for professional growth. We offer a competitive salary, bonus and benefits package.





We are happy to announce that we have developed our Resident Portal and better serve the residents in our communities. Check here for all resident related materials and information including form download, referral information, testimonials and more!






Dreyfuss Management News

April 11th 2019

Charlie Keener Award


The panel will be chosen from Property employees, Operations, the Executive Team and one member from the Oakton Park staff. The total of the panel members should be no more than seven (7) in number, with two (2) alternates. The panel will elect a presiding Chairperson (Chair) to organize and facilitate the process of candidate review. The Chair will only cast a vote in the event of a tie between panel members. Each panel member has one vote.


Nominations open September 1 and close September 30 each year. The “one-year tenure” is measured as of August 31 each year. The selected employee will receive an engraved plaque, a certificate of appreciation, recognition on the Dreyfuss website w/social media as well as a cash award. The winner of the award will be announced on or before December 1 each year. LEARN MORE


April 04th 2019

Employee of the Month


With Dreyfuss’ transition to a more tech savvy company, Theresa Pacious has been essential in leading our employees through the sometimes-hard transition. While doing her normal jobs as Accounts Payable Supervisor and Payroll Supervisor, Theresa has also taken on the role of rolling out a new online lease software for our communities and is helping with our communities’ transition to new accounting software. Theresa’s great customer service and easy-going attitude has made a her an employee many can rely on and seek out advice from. Dreyfuss would like to congratulate Theresa on being our April Employee of the Month.


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Follow us on LinkedIn Equal Opportunity Housing Equal Rights Center

Service & Other Assistance Animals Welcome