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Property Management

For nearly 75 years, Dreyfuss has provided comprehensive property management services and solutions for both its residential and commercial clients. Our dedicated staff of property management specialists provides solutions to our clients for all of their property management needs, including:


Establishing and implementing effective marketing programs and procedures;


Providing controlled business management techniques designed to produce sound financial management, administration, resident services and internal controls;


Establishing the proper maintenance, repair, replacement, and modernization programs designed to prolong the economic life of the property, to insure a continuing competitive position, and to maximize and prolong a stabilized income stream;


Creating and implementing policies and procedures designed to enhance resident relations;


Developing staffing programs that provide comprehensive employee training and supervision. Dreyfuss is committed to providing the highest quality management services through its team of regional managers and in-house staff. These dedicated professionals are deeply involved in the day-to-day operations of each property in their portfolio. They provide detailed oversight of each property and its staff. Their knowledge of the physical needs of the property as well as the unique marketing environment within which each property operates provides owners with specific information that allows them to maximize the return on their investment.


Dreyfuss believes in providing its clients with full operational and financial information regarding their properties.  We understand that transparent communication systems and reports are the foundation of value creation and maximization. Detailed monthly financial statements and analysis are provided in order to review the performance of each asset.  Monthly meetings with the client are encouraged in order to enhance the management process and improve the marketing plan for each property.  Annually, detailed operating budgets and business plans are developed in order to improve the properties and to establish and meet the client's financial objectives.


Through the commitment of its people, Dreyfuss strives to meet the needs of each of its clients at the highest level possible.


Accounting & Financial Management

Dreyfuss firmly believes that quality physical and financial controls are the key to successful property performance. As a result, Dreyfuss has developed detailed financial reporting systems which provide relevant information regarding the operations of each property. Through management of accounts receivable, accounts payable and general ledger services, Dreyfuss is able to oversee the financial activities of the properties in its portfolio.


Our accounting services professionals are experts in the development and implementation of detailed financial systems for each of our clients. Monthly cash flow statements, balance sheets, receivables ledgers, disbursement statements and general ledgers are produced for each property. In addition, our team is able to offer payroll services, bank statement reconciliations, cash transfer services, debt collection services as well as customized staff training programs.


In addition to its property management services, Dreyfuss also provides its accounting and financial management services on a stand-alone basis through its separately owned affiliate, Financial Management Solutions LLC (FMS). This unique service allows property owners and third-party managers to focus on managing their properties without having to worry about establishing back-office operations. Our system of accounting services and financial management controls can be customized to provide the backbone for a variety of client needs.


Asset Management & Consulting

In addition to our property management services, Dreyfuss also provides a variety of asset management and consulting services.  Working directly with its clients, Dreyfuss provides comprehensive services to help maximize the value of each client's portfolio. Through a detailed analysis of the client's needs, Dreyfuss will help determine optimal debt structures, perform thorough market analyses to recommend property repositioning and evaluate property acquisition and dispositions.


In addition, we will evaluate the potential for real estate tax appeals, review insurance coverage, and analyze the required levels of reserves required for taxes, insurance and replacements. We will coordinate directly with lenders in establishing appropriate reserves for each property. Dreyfuss will also conduct energy analysis and work with energy suppliers in order to meet each property's energy needs in an efficient manner.


Follow us on LinkedIn Equal Opportunity Housing Equal Rights Center Fair Housing

Follow us on LinkedIn Equal Opportunity Housing Equal Rights Center Fair Housing