Dreyfuss Management News

January 12th 2021

5 Years of Service


Cedrick Brown, Supervisor of Maintenance for The Ruben Properties in Washington, DC will be celebrating his 5 Year Work Anniversary with Dreyfuss Management in January of 2021.


Cedrick’s loyalty and commitment to his team, the property, and Dreyfuss is shown daily as he embodies the Dreyfuss culture.


We are proud and honored to have Cedrick Brown as a vital part of our team.


Congratulations on your 5 Year Work Anniversary Cedrick!


January 11th 2021

Happy First Anniversary


This month we would like to say thank you and congratulations to the following valued employees on their 1-Year Work Anniversary.

We hope that you keep up the good work and wish you the best for continued success.


• Abdul Rahim Nedam – Concierge at 2112 New Hampshire Avenue Apartments in Washington, D.C.

• Pamela Muse – Leasing Consultant at Laurel Village Apartments in Pittsburgh, PA.


January 11th 2021

45 Years of Service


Please help us in congratulating Alvin Rawlings, our Supervisor of Maintenance from Lilly Garden Apartments in Riverdale, MD on 45 Years of Service. We are so proud of Alvin and all his accomplishments over the years, he is a dedicated team member and an asset to Lilly Gardens and Dreyfuss Management. Alvin commits himself to provide great customer service to his internal and external customers and continues to uphold our values and visions. We are so proud of him and we truly appreciate his many years of service. Happy Work Anniversary Alvin!


January 08th 2021

No Kid Hungry


2021 is here and Dreyfuss has selected No Kid Hungry as its 1st quarter charity - www.nokidhungry.org.

“There is no possible excuse for children to go hungry in this country. Yet it happens - every day, in every community.

According to the USDA, more than 11 million children in the United States live in "food insecure" homes. That phrase may sound mild, but it means that those households don't have enough food for every family member to lead a healthy life. And that number dates from before the coronavirus pandemic. Today, projections show that 18 million children could face hunger this year.”


You can donate by giving cash/check to your Property Manager, Venmo or Apple Pay our Human Resources Director, or simply fill out our donation form to have a onetime or a continuous donation amount deducted from your paycheck.

Thank you for your support!

Team Dreyfuss


January 05th 2021

Toys for Tots


Team Dreyfuss did it again! During the 4th quarter of 2020, we raised $740 that was donated to Toys for Tots.

Thank you to all Team Dreyfuss employees who contributed to this remarkable cause.



January 05th 2021

Thank you


A message from Jim Santos.



January 01st 2021



We are so proud of our Assistant Director of Property Management, Jackie Wert, who became a Certified Apartment Manager through The National Apartment Association Education Institute. We are fortunate to have Jackie on our management team. With hard work and dedication, you can achieve anything. Congratulations!



January 01st 2021

Employee of the Month


Jerome Porter joined the Dreyfuss Management team as a Maintenance Technician for Glen Willow Apartments in February of 2020. Immediately, Jerome displayed self-motivation, dedication and the work ethics outlined in our company culture.

Jerome's passion for the job, is displayed daily by being the first to arrive and the last to leave. Jerome is always willing to go above and beyond by assisting at sister properties when short staffed or just lending an extra set of hands. He is constantly up for a challenge and never gives up until the work is completed. He is truly an asset to the organization, and we are honored to award him the Employee of the Month for January 2021.



December 01st 2020

Employee of the Month


December’s employee of the month is Cedrick Brown, Supervisor of Maintenance for three properties in Northwest, Washington, D.C. If Cedrick is needed anywhere in the Dreyfuss portfolio, he is there to help, no questions asked! He is that guy that you can count on to be at hand when you need him.


Cedrick goes above and beyond daily to make his residents, vendors, and team happy. He constantly strives to make improvements to add value to the properties by performing many of the repairs himself and he takes pride in seeing the results of his hard work.


Dedication is an understatement as Cedrick and his team decided to draw up the plans and build by hand a firepit and outdoor seating area for the residents. We are proud to recognize Cedrick Brown as December’s Employee of the Month for a job well done, but we are even prouder that he is part of our team.


Congratulations Cedrick!


November 17th 2020



Pedro Martinez Mejia has been with the company for five years. He started as a Leasing Consultant at Heritage Park Apartments in Adelphi, MD, but was quickly promoted to the Assistant Property Manager. Today, he is the Property Manager at Maplewood Villas in Gaithersburg, MD.

Pedro, congratulations on reaching this important work anniversary. You are a valuable member of our team. Thank you for your five years of service.



November 17th 2020



We would like to say thank you to Lynn Smith for her 10-year work anniversary. Lynn, please know that you are an important member of our team and your abilities and contributions will be an important part of our continued success.


Thank you for all that you do and please accept our good wishes on your anniversary and many more to come.



November 01st 2020

Employee of the month


For over 19 years, Edward Furman has been a maintenance technician at Laurel Village Apartments in Pittsburgh, PA. Ed goes above and beyond every day and he is at the community to ensure that its residents are happy in their apartments. His sense of humor is always the ray of light his teammates need when they are having a bad day. Ed is always willing to help, no matter what the issue is.


For the past few weeks, the community has gone from a two-person maintenance team to a one-person maintenance team and Ed has not missed a beat. He has made sure that the community is still running like there are two people on the job while still finding ways to make his teammates laugh. Because of his commitment, we are excited to announce that Ed is our Employee of the Month for November 2020. We would like to thank Ed for everything that he does for the community, the residents and his teammates. We would be lost without him!


October 29th 2020



Please join us in congratulating Rachel Ramirez and Eboni Phillips on their recent promotions.


Rachel has been promoted to Property Manager of Steward Tower Apartments in Laurel, MD. Rachel brings years of Property Management experience with a customer service mentality. She has also recently obtained her CAM designation. We are excited to support Rachel in her new role and look forward to her continued success.


Eboni has been promoted to the Assistant Property Manager at Ashley Apartments in Laurel, MD. Eboni started her career as a Leasing Consultant at Steward Tower Apartments. She has played an important role in the training process for new Leasing Consultants and Yardi training. We appreciate your dedication and commitment.


Your Dreyfuss Family is very proud of you!


October 18th 2020



For 10 years, Christopher Oberdorf has been a huge asset to the Dreyfuss Management family. Chris started his career at Crane Village Apartments in Pittsburgh, PA as a leasing consultant. Chris’ go to attitude and welcoming personality made him an instant hit with prospects and residents at the property.  As the years went by, Chris moved up the ladder to Assistant Manager and finally to Manager at Laurel Village Apartments, also in Pittsburgh. As Manager at Laurel Village, Chris has worked hard to keep the resident retention up and delinquency down. His residents always are singing his praises, as is his staff. Chris’ dedication to the property, his residents and his staff are what make him the great manager he is today. He continues to be a much-needed asset to the Dreyfuss family.


Congratulations Chris on your 10 years. We look forward to seeing where your next 10 years will take you.


October 11th 2020

Charitable Giving


Team Dreyfuss’ “$5 for Denim Friday” collected $1,065 during the 3rd quarter and the money will be donated to Martha’s Table (www.marthastable.org) A big thank you to all team members who participated. Please stay tuned for information about our next charitable giving campaign.


October 11th 2020



Rick Miller Happy 30 Years of Service!

Thank you for being a valuable member of our Team.

Your down-to-earth attitude makes you what you are, a team player. You inspire and motivate others around you.

Wishing you a happy work anniversary.


October 07th 2020

Employee of the Month

 We would like to congratulate Kris Barra and Holly Wisniewski from Carriage Park Apartments in Pittsburgh, PA for being named October’s Employees of the Month. This dynamic duo has taken above and beyond to another level. They have stepped up in times of need and have always demonstrated professionalism and dedication to their team and the residents they serve. These employees are always willing to go the extra mile. They are the first ones in the office and always the last ones to leave. Their enthusiasm and insight are shown in their work. They both display all the characteristics of a leader, mentor and emulate our Dreyfuss Culture.


Keep up the Great Work, your Dreyfuss family is very proud of you. Congratulations Kris and Holly!


October 07th 2020



We would like to take this opportunity to say congratulations and thank you to Jennifer Britt, our Property Manager at Brookville Townhomes for her 5 Years of Service. Thank you for being such a valuable member of our team. Wishing you continued success!

October 01st 2020



Congratulations to the Team at Carriage Park! Carriage Park was honored with two awards at the Apartment Excellence Awards on August 19th in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Carriage Park won “Overall Community Appeal of 2020” and “Garden Apartment Curb Appeal of 2020”. Way To Go Team!

September 29th 2020



Heritage Park Apartments and Dreyfuss Management would like to say Thank You to Carlos Garcia for his 5 years of service and dedication. Carlos continues to work hard and is always willing to help. We look forward to seeing what the next 5 years hold for him. Congratulations Carlos!

September 01st 2020

Employee of the Month


September’s employee of the month is a Maintenance Supervisor at a large property in Pittsburgh, PA that goes above and beyond daily to make his residents, vendors, and fellow team members happy. Paul Krivanek continues to make improvements to add value to the property.  Carriage Park Apartments averages 30-50 turnovers a month, but Paul and his team never miss a beat. Paul takes time to communicate effectively with his crew and the leasing team. Paul is dedicated and committed to his crew, the property, and to Dreyfuss Management. If there is an emergency on the property, Paul is the first one to arrive and the last one to leave.  We are proud to recognize Paul Krivanek as September’s Employee of the Month for a job well done, but we are even prouder that he is part of our team.


Congratulations Paul!


August 29th 2020



We all know how quickly time can pass. So, we are amazed to realize our Marketing Director, Brandy Clark, has been providing professional marketing guidance to our organization for 10 years! Brandy has been an essential contributor to our success and she has perfected a skill to resolve problems in the ever-changing climate of advertising and selling. Thank you Brandy for 10 years of mentoring our leasing teams and for influencing and promoting our goal to deliver the best customer service possible.


August 28th 2020



We would like to congratulate Kassandra Davis on her promotion to Assistant Property Manager at Clermont Apartments is Washington, D.C. Kassandra was hired in March of 2020 as a Leasing Floater for the MD and D.C. properties. Kassandra was also recognized for her performance and was nominated for the Employee of the Month for June. Congratulations Kassandra, your Dreyfuss family is very proud.


August 24th 2020



Congratulations to Amanda Asbacher for her 5 years of service. One of the backbones of the accounting group, she was the point person on the recent system conversion from MRI to Yardi. Amanda continues to be one of the company experts with our new system, as the transition has been as smooth as possible. We commend her for all of her efforts to help people throughout the company with Yardi and other accounting and reporting issues. Kudos to you Amanda and thank you for your service.


August 19th 2020



Congratulations to Rachel Ramirez, Assistant Property Manager at Ashley Apartments. After months of studying Rachel passed her Certified Apartment Manager (CAM) exam on the first try. I would also like to recognize her collection efforts and willingness to assist and educate residents during this pandemic. Not only was she studying to pass her exam, but Rachel was also very helpful to her team, sister communities and residents.


We are so Proud of you Rachel!


August 17th 2020



Congratulations to Lanita Miller, Assistant Regional Manager on 5 years of Service with Dreyfuss Management. Lanita is now overseeing Steward Tower and Glen Willow Apartments. Lanita has shown continued dedication, commitment, and true leadership when it comes to mentoring and communication to her team. Again, congratulations on 5 Years Lanita!


August 01st 2020

Employee of the Month


Congratulations to Hector Cornier, Maintenance Supervisor at Brookville Townhomes, for being named Dreyfuss Employee of the Month for August 2020!


Hector has been the Maintenance Supervisor at Brookville Townhomes for 7.5 years. He has almost 16 years of experience in the property management industry. Originally from Chicago, IL, he moved to Puerto Rico for a job opportunity, and then to Virginia when he was recruited by a construction company.


His philosophy of customer service is “keep an open mind and listen to the resident”. Hector believes that the better equipped we are, the better equipped we will be to deal with the problem ahead. He urges his team to work efficiently by taking all supplies with them to a unit for the ticket and any other little things that could pop up and could be taken care of on the same visit.


Hector said that his favorite part of the job is the relationships he has developed with his team and the residents. He admits that his least favorite task is plumbing. When he is not at work, he tries to jog one mile three times a week. Hector enjoys cooking and has recently mastered Lasagna.


July 25th 2020



We want to say Thank You to Cindy Ann Hackley for her latest 10 years of service. Cindy left us for a while but found her way back. In total, she has been with Dreyfuss Management for over 35 years and we are thankful to have her on our team. Ms. Cindy is always willing to help wherever needed and her expertise is appreciated. Cindy lends her auditing skills to our operations on a daily basis. We rely upon her talent to provide training and mentoring to our staff. Cindy is a valuable resource and she has made a significant contribution to our success. Congratulations from the entire team.


July 23rd 2020



Robert Burgess has been with us for 30 years. Time sure does fly and there is never a dull moment.  Robert has worked his way around the beltway, managing properties and is always willing to take on extra tasks. Never a complaint, only complete dedication, loyalty, and professionalism. We can always count on Robert. He is dependable and digs deep when solving any problem. Everyone would agree, he is a delight to work with.


Robert, we appreciate your hard work and commitment over the years and hope to get many more. Congratulations and thank you for 30 years of service!


July 21st 2020



Congratulations to Whitney Hopper on 10 years of service with Dreyfuss Management. Whitney is the Assistant Property Manager at Crane Village in PA and is a vital part of the team. Her strive for success has helped her move up in the company and obtain her Real Estate License. Whitney is a true team player; she has traveled to MD to assist at properties when needed and is always willing to mentor and train other team members when asked.

Congratulations Whitney, Your Dreyfuss Family is very proud of you!


July 20th 2020



We want to say Thank You to Jose Arzuaga-Sanchez, Maintenance Technician at Oakton Park Apartments, for giving us 10 Years of Service. We look forward to your ongoing contributions and a bright and successful future together. Congratulation Jose!

July 01st 2020

Employee of the Month


We are pleased to announce that the Dreyfuss Management’s employee of the month for July is Kassandra Davis. Kassandra was hired as a Leasing Floater in March pf 2020.


Then Kassandra hit the ground running and has not looked back. She has attended every training opportunity and excels in customer service. She is a valued asset at Glen Willow Apartments and has assisted with leasing efforts at other properties. Kassandra’s willingness to adapt to the property management industry and understand the dynamics are remarkable.


Her enthusiasm and professional manner with her internal and external customers have awarded her compliments and recognition. We recognize Kassandra’s outstanding performance and hard work to Dreyfuss Management and the properties she services. Congratulations Kassandra, your Dreyfuss Family is very proud of you!

June 18th 2020

Linda Smith Remembrance


2020 has been a difficult year for all of us, but it just became a little tougher. We are sad to inform you of the passing of Linda Smith, our Administrative Assistant at 8600 Apartments in Silver Spring, MD. Linda was a 30-year plus veteran with Dreyfuss. During her tenure she held all possible positions at many communities. She accepted all assignments and performed them well, usually with a smile. We think she even offered a hand to the maintenance department on occasion.


Linda became a skilled professional in property management, then shared her knowledge with the next generation of managers and staff. She was an early member of the Dreyfuss Team and she provided a positive contribution to many communities in the D.C. Metropolitan region. Some more recently included 8600, Silver Spring House and Oakton Park.


Please offer some words of comfort to your colleagues who worked with Linda as we share in this loss.

June 16th 2020



Luis Flores, CONGRATULATIONS on 25 years of service. As we celebrate YOU on this significant anniversary of your employment at Kingsley Commons Townhouses and Dreyfuss Management. We could not be more thankful for your continued loyalty to us over the years. Your leadership and dedication are a testament to your success and future with us. You have been a significant part of our team and we could not imagine our workplace without you. Thank you for your service!

June 11th 2020



Brookville and Dreyfuss Management would like to say Thank You to Manuel Perez Guevara for his 10 years of service and dedication to Dreyfuss. Manuel continues to work hard and is always willing to help. We look forward to seeing what the next 10 years hold for him. Congratulations Manuel!

June 07th 2020



Clara Gonzalez, THANK YOU for the 15 years of service you have given to the Dreyfuss Family. We are proud to have you as a part of our work family. You always show true dedication to the executive and onsite teams. You are our front line when it comes to serving our internal and external customers and you do it with such professionalism. We are confident that you will continue to be a “Star” for many years to come.

June 01st 2020

Employees of the Month


Dreyfuss Management would like to recognize our entire maintenance team for their hard work and dedication during the COVID-19 Pandemic. We always held these professionals in high esteem as they are our heroes and first responders. However, they have demonstrated the ability to achieve and perform at an even higher level during this extended health emergency.


Our team has come to work every day, handling whatever work orders and outside maintenance they can while practicing social distancing.  They are wearing PPE, which is hot and not always comfortable. We think they’re smiling but we can’t tell when they’re wearing a mask!

We appreciate everything they




May 29th 2020



We would like to congratulate and inform you of the promotion of Lanita Miller from Senior Property Manager to Assistant Regional Manager. Lanita will continue her responsibilities at Steward Tower Apartments and Glen Willow

Apartments. Under her supervision, the communities have performed well, both in customer service and financial results. Lanita has shown continued dedication, commitment, and true leadership when it comes to mentoring and communicating with her team. Great work Lanita! Your Dreyfuss family is very proud of you.

May 13th 2020



Roy Colligan has been a maintenance technician at Carriage Park Apartments in Pittsburgh, PA for 45 years on May 13th. Roy is a true asset to the company and a loyal team member. Roy assists with HVAC and plumbing calls and provides world class customer service to the residents. We sincerely appreciate his hard work and efforts year after year. Thank You Roy, for your many wonderful years of service, you have been such a significant part of our team and we could not imagine our workplace without you.


May 12th 2020



We would like to say Thank You to Manuel (Manny) Medrano at Heritage Park Apartments for his 10 years of service and dedication to Dreyfuss. He is someone that the entire Dreyfuss family has come to rely on over the years and seek out when questions arise regarding the maintenance of a property. Manny provides amazing customer service to our internal and external customers. We look forward to seeing what the next 10 years hold for him at Dreyfuss. Congratulations Manny!

May 01st 2020

Employee of the Month


We are so fortunate to have Lynn Smith as part of our management organization. Her detailed professional approach is critical to the success of so many responsibilities which support our operations. Lynn is our “Lynnchpin” for tracking and organizing insurance policies, legal matters, employee safety training, incident reports and a host of key services behind the scene. We can focus on daily property management concerns with the knowledge that Lynn is expertly supervising tasks which serve our clients and staff.  Congratulations and thank you!


April 22nd 2020



We want to send a big congratulations and thank you to Daneen Whitaker. She is celebrating her 5th anniversary with Dreyfuss Management. She began her career at Dreyfuss as a leasing consultant in Washington, D.C. Her hard work and dedication brought her to Maryland where she now assists at 8600 Apartments. We would like to thank Daneen for everything she has done for Dreyfuss and we are excited to see where the next five years will take her.


April 14th 2020



Dreyfuss Management would like to recognize Kris Barra for her 15 years of service with our company. Kris has worked at Laurel Village, Crane Village and is currently the Resident Relations Coordinator at Carriage Park Apartments in Pittsburgh, PA. Kris is a dedicated team player and a true asset to Carriage Park. Thank you for your years of service Kris. We are very proud of you!


April 08th 2020

Referral Bonus


Do You Want to Earn a $750 Referral Bonus?


Dreyfuss is always looking for qualified people for the following positions throughout the D.C. and PA Metropolitan areas:

• Maintenance Supervisors

• Maintenance Technicians


If you know anyone (friend or family member) that would be suitable for any of these positions please have them email their Resume and Application for Employment (available at dreyfuss.net or at the HR Department) to Linda Cline at lcline@dreyfuss.net or fax to (301) 652-8888.

Your name must be mentioned on the Application for Employment under “How did you hear about this position?”, if your name is not mentioned there, you will not be eligible for the referral bonus.


If the friend or family member that you referred is hired, after 3 months of their employment, you will receive the $750 referral bonus.

If you have any questions, please let me know.



Linda Cline

Human Resources Director Dreyfuss Management LLC (301) 951-8300 x 109 lcline@dreyfuss.net




April 01st 2020

Employee of the Month


We would like to congratulate DelRon Lowe as Dreyfuss’s Employee of the Month for April! A man of many hats (both literally and figuratively), DelRon never hesitates to lend his efforts and knowledge in any situation. As a maintenance technician, DelRon is always willing to share his skills when training, as well as provide support and guidance to both coworkers and residents. He continues to invest in himself, continually taking courses to expand his expertise. Whether it’s office pranks or catering a pool party, we can always depend on DelRon.


 We are so proud to have him as a teammate. Congratulations, DelRon!

March 25th 2020

To All of our Colleagues at Dreyfuss:


We are currently living in a time of unprecedented upheaval in our normal business and personal lives. Daily routines have been disrupted, institutions which all of us rely on have been shuttered and our ability to interact with our coworkers, residents, and families has been greatly reduced. New policies and procedures have been implemented on a daily basis and each of us is concerned with the health of our families and loved ones.


All of this has occurred so rapidly that it has been hard to catch our breath. However, having watched the way that each of you has stepped up during this unusual time, continuing to do your regular jobs while making major adjustments to your lives, we have been very impressed by the professionalism with which you have approached this challenging time. It is during moments like this that we realize what a wonderful group of coworkers we have. We are truly grateful for the care and effort you have put into accommodating the changes necessary to operate in the face of Covid-19.


We wish to thank all of you for your hard work and dedication and wish the best for you and your families as we work through this difficult time.


James Santos

JoAnn Gerhart

Mark Pacious

J.R. Schuble




March 01st 2020

Employee of the Month


Clara is asked to do many different tasks daily that are imperative to the operations of Dreyfuss Management. She completes all tasks given to her in a timely manner and with a positive attitude. Clara is friendly, kind and demonstrates a professional demeanor on a regular basis with internal and external customers. With all the recent changes, Clara was asked to take on additional responsibilities and has risen to the challenge without hesitation. Clara is a team player and daily demonstrates the Dreyfuss Culture. Clara, you are greatly appreciated! Thank you for all you do!

February 07th 2020



Please help us welcome our newest team members who have been with us between one day and one year. Welcome Aboard!

• Luis Cabrera

• Emely Ayala Flores

• Trung Thach

• Wilfredo Alvarado

• Amina Oyatedor

• Jose Castro Ramos

• Matthew Watkins

• Keiry Reyes

• David Bennett-Nokes, Jr.

• Xavier Castillo

• Freddy Cribas Hernandez

• Lawrence Hersteine

• Maja Slijvic

• Roxana Herrera

• Mason Avissar

• Jose Ruiz

• Blaine Van Swol

• Dominique Kowalecki

• Terrence Halligan

• Nazre Abum

• Alexis Cerverizzo

• Abdul Nedam

• Pamela Muse

• Shanna Givens

• Jared Fine

• Clivia Escobar


February 05th 2020



Mike Anesin, our Maintenance Supervisor at Laurel Village Apartments in Pittsburgh, PA,  was nominated and selected by his peers to receive the “2019 Charles E. Keener Award”. We all recognize your creativity, industry knowledge and dependability. Your interaction with internal and external customers produces a positive impression that demonstrates leadership qualities for others to follow. You are a team member we trust. Congratulations!

February 01st 2020

Employee of the Month


Lucas Colon Employee of the Month February 2020

Luke joined Harper’s Landing Apartments in 2012 and has been the Maintenance Supervisor for most of his tenure. Due to staffing changes at the property, Luke stepped up to assume a greater oversight role in managing the office assisting the team with invoices, customer service issues and scheduling move ins. He truly stepped up to meet `

January 30th 2020



Congratulations to Kim Kirkpatrick, Property Manager at Crane Village Apartments in Pittsburgh, PA, for becoming a Certified Apartment Manager (CAM) with the National Apartment Association (NAA). We are very proud of you!

January 29th 2020

Meeting Forum



Team Dreyfuss had a great time during the Managers Meeting.

Thank you Team for everything you do.

January 28th 2020

Leasing Forum


Look at our AWESOME Leasing Team during the Leasing Forum. Brandy Douglas-Clark, LaToya Johnson and Laurie Schott thank you for a grand

job putting this together.

January 01st 2020

Employee of the Month


Lanita Miller, our Sr. Property Manager at Steward Tower Apartments, has proven to be a team member that is flexible and willing to assist where needed.  For several months, she was called upon to manage her community as well as Glen Willow Apartments. She graciously accepted the challenge and performed exceptionally well.  Her positive attitude and attention to detail exemplifies the honor of being the employee of the month. While managing both properties and maintaining 98-99% occupancy, Lanita has continued to mentor new team members and assist with Yardi training. Lanita’s display of leadership, dedication and professionalism is what we emulate in our Dreyfuss Culture. Congratulations to the January Employee of the month Lanita Miller.

December 28th 2019

No Kid Hungry


Dreyfuss is excited to announce that we are supporting the “No Kid Hungry“ initiative as our 1st quarter charity between January 1st to March 31st.


If you donate $5 you will be eligible to wear jeans one Friday, if you donate $20 you will be eligible to wear jeans every Friday that month. If you donate $50 you will be eligible to wear jeans every Friday for the entire 3 months.


You can learn more about “No Kid Hungry” by visiting their website at www.nokidhungry.org.

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